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WIP thread for my map, koth_avalanche

  1. GuttyKreum
    Heya all!

    I am an ancient mapper (used to map for, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom 2, Quake, and Quake II). A shoutout to anyone who remembers the Qoole editor.

    The other game I used to map for is HL 1 as well as some of its game modifications such as Vampire Slayer, Action Half-Life, Mastersword and Pirates, Vikings and Knights.

    I haven't touched Worldcraft/Valve Hammer since HL 2 was released and my desire to create maps dropped off after heading out into the adult world of careers.

    Recently I have had more time to myself and I also stumbled upon the Youtube channel for UEAKCrash and my desire for mapping started again (seeing the Frontline themed community update information helped too).

    This thread will be for the development and release of my Frontline map Koth_Avalanche. If anyone has any tips (or links to tips) for getting the map tested, and when to place it on the workshop, please let me know.

    I will post more screenshots soon.

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  1. corpsinhere
    Version: A1
    Nice flow with a good distribution of close and open areas; there are nice nooks for spies to hide in and some (limited) rooftops for soldiers to perch on; pyros have a cliff to airblast vicitms off and there are plenty of areas with medium sight distances for setting up sentries.. The scenery is beautiful and consistent with tf2 alpine theme. This is a koth map with a reasonable amount of non-capture point area. More signs pointing to the cap would be good. So far I have only been able to run around the map by myself - am looking forward to real playtests!