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72hr pl_inferno a1.1

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72hr pl_inferno a1.1

will be improved, will be expanded, will be multistage. after the jam in a2

WOOHOO! my first jam, lets never do that again, well maybe. anyway, in 72hours I was trying to do a 3 stage payload map, and well that fell through when I overslept by about 4 hours on day 2 and fell too behind. though to make up, the map is currently a single stage payload, and once the jam showcase is finished, I will begin to finish the map to its full fruition as a multistage payload. for now, we begin our journey into my foundry based map.
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  1. Reuppload upon message from WorMatty.

    Nothing in particular, no real update, but a resubmit for the medal. once the showcase is complete, there wont be any, because I will be working diligently to fill the map to completion.