72hr 72hrjam

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  1. Wendie

    koth_925 a3

    Compact koth map that takes place in a office complex. Comes with a giant glass pillar in the middle for all your cover needs.
  2. MoonFox

    Cp_Dunn a1a

    cp_dunn is a five point control point map set somewhere in Europe. combining industrial and some alpine themes, Dunn is still far ways off from being done.
  3. Z

    Late Celebration 2017-08-05

    This was really fun to draw! Gave me some practice on shading and wrinkles. No, it's not the greatest drawing but it's not supposed to be, just a bit of fun I had in celebration of this event.
  4. Gibus Torbjörn

    Drew my engineer loadout! 04-08-2017

    Drew my engineer loadout. I have not drawn anything in ages and I didnt have too wide selection of colored pens , but im still quite happy with the outcome, i hope you guys like it too :)
  5. Jason 2

    72hr Airblast 2017-02-11

    For 72Hr TF2:Jam
  6. Zeklyn

    72hr "After War" an SFM Poster 2017-02-11

    This poster took 12 hours to make. I tried to aim at getting a cinematic feeling. No custom content used, absolutely nothing
  7. Peebs

    72hr 72hr TF2 Badge 2017-02-10

    This is the badge you receive from submitting a valid work. I made some changes to the actual thing.
  8. T

    Arena Nami A3

    A Japanese themed arena map made for the 72hr winter jam. I used ABS Ultimate Mapping Rescources: https://tf2maps.net/threads/ultimate-mapping-resource-pack.4674/ Japan content pack http://japan.tf2maps.net/
  9. Axelefrost #TeamPyro

    72hr Halloween Scattergun texture!

    I'm sorry for what I downloaded this stuff just now! I had some problems with a PC and I had little time and was last renovated ! Once again, I apologize that I think you will understand me!
  10. E

    The Lgend of the Fish Scout 2016-07-25

    Just a silly fanfic.
  11. Kisco

    72hr CS:GO Pl_Upward 1.0

  12. jony

    72hr koth_roughhouse a1

    Made for the Summer 2016 72 hour jam, Koth_RoughHouse is my first actual completed map that was not scrapped and abandoned. The map file is pretty big because everything, including custom assets, is packed into the file. Please give me any feedback and/or constructive critcism that you may have...
  13. Zack's!

    72hr koth_conquest _reupload

    koth_conquest it's a map i made for the frontline community operation and the 72hr TF2Jam, there is still some work to do but most of the map is done.
  14. Vintage Robot

    72hr Scout art

    This is a peice of fanart of the scout. If This is also my first post, so if i messed up, sorry. My steam name, as of now, is: Mastergmr391[#pyro] (G.E.W.P) . Here is the steam url: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Mastergamer19725/
  15. F

    72hr Jam SniperAndSpy SFM Poster

    I have no experience with making maps, but I still wanted to contribute to the 72hr Jam, so I made this SFM Poster of a Sniper and a spy working together to take down a push.
  16. MoonFox

    72hr pl_inferno a1.1

    WOOHOO! my first jam, lets never do that again, well maybe. anyway, in 72hours I was trying to do a 3 stage payload map, and well that fell through when I overslept by about 4 hours on day 2 and fell too behind. though to make up, the map is currently a single stage payload, and once the jam...
  17. Trippey

    72hr koth_cobble_canal A1_reupload

    This map is my entry into the 72 Hour Summer Jam; I was not able to finish the map in the 72 hour time frame but I plan on continuing the development of this map. Theme: Still need to work on the theme, however I plan on going to the Frontline WWII theme. Gameplay: I am looking for a server...
  18. Kjell

    72hr One Russian Stand Man 2016-07-25

    A screenie of heavy tanking damage.
  19. Cole Slaw

    72hr Reinforce! A1

    This is my Second map upload to this website. after around 10 hours of frustration and other things it's finally sort of done. it's maybe not terrible!