koth_pathos A1

Somedays, its the bottom of the sea where real men fight

  1. MoonFox
    ] Here in the Pathos research base, located at the bottom of the ocean. Red and Blu are trying to take control of the abandoned sea base. Though safe in the structure, should the pressure locks or the glass break, then the weight of the ocean will crush them. Thankfully the base was only recently abandoned, for some odd reason. 20160320155725_1.jpg 20160320155734_1.jpg 20160320155741_1.jpg 20160320155751_1.jpg 20160320155919_1.jpg 20160320155829_1.jpg 20160320155818_1.jpg 20160320155804_1.jpg 20160320155755_1.jpg 20160320155751_1.jpg