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Moved blue spawn further forward
Changed some signs
Added More props, changed windows and closed some paths to shorthen the amount of sightlines
Made the gate before last higher and added a wall on top of the area to the right of the gate
Changed respawn times (needs more testing)
Changed setup time to 70 seconds
Added a new path to the laser hanging above last
Changed some ammo/healthpacks
Added minor details
Removed some pallets in the water
The first and second point have been moved further, the third point has been moved closer
The last red spawn room has been raised
Engineers are able to build in the area between the spawn and the gates in the blue spawn area
Players are no longer able to walk on top of the area overlooking the bridge
Right so the vents from the previous version where a bad idea, also I messed around with the respawn times

Most important thing is I changed last so that you now have to blow up the laser by rolling the cart under it, instead of throwing it in lava. The laser itself is now the raygun and not the eotl trap.
Why did I do this? Some random guy started complaining about the fact how hawaii has vulcanoes and if you would throw a bomb in one they wouldnt detonate because of the heat. Even though this is nitpicking, I am here to serve so have it your way my dude.

Removed the forward spawn for blue after the first point is capped, instead made it longer for red team to respawn.

Alot of texture updates

Alot of decal/prop detailing

Recolored some lights and adjusted the brightness

Added a vent at first to make another path over the bridge

Placed the small ammo pack at the top off the laser to the room underneath after seeing how a spy got stuck there running out of cloak. I felt bad for him.
I have cleared some visible nodraw textures, now I shall test if I packed correctly. I have followed all instructions but I am still getting people saying that they are missing textures. Please comment if you happen see missing textures as well.
Because of all the feedback of you guys, which I highly appreciate, I have made some more changes:

I have given the map a complete visual overhaul, texturing everything so that it is more clear about where to go and to know where you are.

Also I have made multiple route changes and swapped around some health and ammo packs.

The respawn times are also set so that blu will always spawn faster, which I did instead of making a forward spawn after the first point is captured. I did this so that attacking engineers have a purpose, which is to build teleporters.

Lets see how it will do when playtested!

I thank everyone who has playtested my map and is supporting me in my goal of actually finishing a tf2 map.
Update Changelog:

Changed alot of things.