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pl_fryground A7

set at night, 3 point payload map.

Blu team has discovered a secret Red base, holding a mysterious weapon. The facility has multiple lava pools. Why? No idea, but it is blu's task to blow up the weapon, no matter what the cost.

One of my first maps, made using maritime, frontline and koth_hangar props, I want to finish it but I will need some form of feedback, and that is where you come in!
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Latest updates

  1. A7 update is hErE1!!1!!!!!

    Changes: Moved blue spawn further forward Changed some signs Added More props, changed windows and closed some paths to shorthen the amount of sightlines Made the gate before last higher and added a wall on top of the area to the right of the...
  2. A6 uPdAtE1!!1!!!!!!1!!

    Right so the vents from the previous version where a bad idea, also I messed around with the respawn times Most important thing is I changed last so that you now have to blow up the laser by rolling the cart under it, instead of throwing it in...
  3. A5 update boiiiii!!!!!

    UPDATE INCLUDES: Removed the forward spawn for blue after the first point is capped, instead made it longer for red team to respawn. Alot of texture updates Alot of decal/prop detailing Recolored some lights and adjusted the brightness Added...