pl_eruption A26

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. balancing the map out more

    in this version:

    - made changes according to feedback.

    - changed the health/ammo packs a bit so as to nerf Red and Buff BLU more

    - At point A , I gave Blu the high ground on one of the routes to the point.

    - made the map a little brighter

    - At point B , I gave the ability to Blu to access the waterfall flank a lot easily and blocked the second flank - route only for Red.

    - Fixed snipers being able to shoot through the waterfall.

    - added a flank ( vent ) to the final point , which connects with the a building which has on top those sniper spots. In theory a spy for instance could get there undetected and kill the snipers.

    -Also tried breaking the sniper sightlines a little.

    I saw that Blu team is having quite some hard time pushing the cart so I tried giving them a boost. If those are not enough for points A and B , I will try moving the first Red Spawn elsewhere as a test.

    I dont have much to say. I just hope I can get the chance to actually play my map :p
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