Payload Snowycoast VMF

Payload Snowycoast VMF B7

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Payload Snowycoast VMF B7

Map source file for pl_snowycoast

The Snowycoast vmf (source file) is now available for download and review. This is a seperate download from the Snowycoast Models & Texture Assets pack since I have different usage rights regarding the vmf.

"What can I do with the pl_snowycoast vmf?"

Anything you want, with exceptions:

1) You may NOT release any compiled versions of snowycoast;

2) You may NOT put any maps that use portions of snowycoast on the workshop without my permission.

3) You may NOT redistribute the vmf itself in whole or in part.

Please remember that for TF2maps contests, you will not be able to use portions of snowycoast in your entries as this is typically against contest rules.

"Why can't I release a new version of pl_snowycoast or put a variant of it on the workshop?"

I plan to continue providing updates to pl_snowycoast when needed. If I want to do playtesting of new versions on TF2maps, then I need to make sure there are absolutely NO version conflicts when I do that.

Also I don't want see weird variants of snowycoast on the workshop ("no gates" "minecraft" or "trade server" or whatever). No need to clog up the workshop with map variants when there are so many good original maps struggling to be seen.

"Can I make a Halloween or Competitive version of Snowycoast?"

I'm very interested in both, but please contact me here on the forums for permission first.

Be warned: I will be very picky about who I let do this. I will not give permission to new mappers to do this because I want someone who
  • knows what they're doing in Hammer and does not need supervision, and
  • is willing to really put in the work in making an exciting and different version and not just swap textures and a few props.

"After looking at the vmf, I see some problems with optimization (or just the map in general) that you should fix. Can I make some suggestions?"

YES, please. Use the Payload Snowycoast map thread.


Please note!

You will require the Snowycoast Model & Texture Assets or else you'll see a lot of missing textures and models.


pl_snowycoast_b7.vmf (this is the version currently in game plus a very minor change on the yellow ramp inside the final warehouse)
prefabs/snowycoast_light_post.vmx (instance)
First release
Last update
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