pass_snowylake b2

Snowy PASS Time map with a train.

  1. Optimization, Prop Reduction and VENTS

    When I tested version B1, I saw that people hadn't been that happy with the framerate. Due to this, I decided that it will be enough with one playtest not to make anyone suffer. Even if that was only one playtest, I did receive enough feedback to improve the map.

    The first problem is the number of props. I personally struggle with detailing. It's not that I don't know how to detail, but how much I should do it. In other words, I over-detail lots of places.

    I have been told to reduce...
  2. BETA

    Well, you look at that. I have finally made a map that actually has gone to the BETA stage. I feel so glad that I made this through with all the pain, and have received feedback from players that have barely played PASS Time.

    To be honest, it feels like forever since I have updated this map. Even though the last time I updated it was February 2, 2020. But still, the first version of this map has been created on July 30, 2018. That's two years ago, but for me, it still feels like I made it...
  3. Slight Improvements

    So, I haven't worked on this map for quite some time due to life and mood. Although, I have to say that I am very satisfied with how A5 has been received to play-testers and other private play-testers that sometimes tend to help me out.

    However, while play-testing all of the versions, I did not notice that the vents had a huge problem with LDR lighting. If you previously used LDR lighting, then you might remember that you could not see anything since the light would bleed there....
  4. The Last Alpha (Probably)

    Based on the previous version A4, a lot of players who actually gave a try at playing my map had positive feedback towards the layout of the map. Except for lighting.

    Although after a couple of tests, I saw two areas that absolutely required the rework. As small they might have looked, I felt very concerned about the new changes and what could they bring to the gameplay. Well, mostly one area in particular.

    The first area that I felt concerned about was the ventilation systems...
  5. Alpha 4 - Fuck the Engineers Update

    It's been quite awhile since I have updated this map. When I tested the A3 version, I found out that this version had mostly some problems with spawn-camping and with the bonus goals. So I thought that the A4 version will solve those issues and will, later on, move my map to the BETA stage.

    However, I was heavily wrong. Once the engineers started turtling in the A3, I literally got disappointed with the gameplay. As we all know, almost in every single TF2 map, a swarm of engineers can ruin...
  6. Alpha 3 - Fixes & Major Changes

    It's kind of funny, but sometimes sad. Some people love my map, some people hate it. I might I understand their love, but I might find it hard to understand their hate. I gotta say this, it's really stupid to hate the map based on the game mode. The map is new. It's still in the testing phase and some players just refuse to play just because it's PASS Time. It's really stupid to behave like that without giving the map a chance.

    Despite that hate which didn't make any sense...
  7. Alpha 2 - Fixes & Minor Improvements

    The very first version had some broken entities for the RED team, making the gameplay unfair. I already know what's wrong with the map, but I would like to see another test with these minor changes.

    Changes for A2:
    • Added a version number to this map file. Hope you're happy!
    • Added clipping for the location of some trees.
    • Added blockbullet brushes for some wired brushes.
    • Added some wired brushes on the walls next to the attack spawns, so classes like Scout,...