pass_snowylake b2

Snowy PASS Time map with a train.

  1. Alpha 2 - Fixes & Minor Improvements

    The very first version had some broken entities for the RED team, making the gameplay unfair. I already know what's wrong with the map, but I would like to see another test with these minor changes.

    Changes for A2:
    • Added a version number to this map file. Hope you're happy!
    • Added clipping for the location of some trees.
    • Added blockbullet brushes for some wired brushes.
    • Added some wired brushes on the walls next to the attack spawns, so classes like Scout, Soldier and Demo don't jump them over.
    • Added frames for the windows so it's easier to tell that you're looking at the actual windows.
    • Added trigger_push entities on trees and on the bonus goals.
    • Added two fences next to the bonus goal and the small lake.
    • Sealed one giant crate completely while also removing one small health kit in it.
    • Reduced the size of the jump-pads next to the attacking spawns.
    • Reduced the time for spawning.
      • Hopefully that won't be an issue anymore.
    • Fixed RED Resuply lockers and doors working only for BLUs.
    • Fixed an invisible glass in certain areas.
    • Fixed the train not killing the player sometimes.
    • Fixed the train not showing the lights.
    • Fixed the train getting stuck by the JACK.
    • Fixed the train getting stuck by the player.
    • Fixed the time for when the train gates open and close.
    • Fixed some lights facing the opposite way on the RED side.
    • Removed collisions from lanterns in the caves, so they don't stop you while running and jumping as Scout.
    • And maybe more.
    The map still doesn't display goals on the HUD. If someone knows the solution, please message me straight away.

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