pass_snowylake b2

Snowy PASS Time map with a train.

  1. Slight Improvements

    So, I haven't worked on this map for quite some time due to life and mood. Although, I have to say that I am very satisfied with how A5 has been received to play-testers and other private play-testers that sometimes tend to help me out.

    However, while play-testing all of the versions, I did not notice that the vents had a huge problem with LDR lighting. If you previously used LDR lighting, then you might remember that you could not see anything since the light would bleed there.

    Due to this issue, I have decided that the map should be tested again just in case with one special gimmick that probably hasn't been used in other maps before (hopefully), just like my ice placement in this map.

    What is the special gimmick, you may ask? Well, you can no longer enter the vents while being in the cave - it is separated by the grid looking door. That door can be opened only from another side. Once the door starts opening, you'll hear the siren alerting everyone that someone is opening it. It opens slowly, but not that slowly as you might think. Once it is closed - the siren will stop playing the sound.

    I also decided to rework one defense spawn, since I did not appreciate how symmetrical it is. I am talking about the one that had two wooden stairs. Now it has only one side that has stairs. It also has one small ammo and health pack and some nice cover as well. It won't look too boring to my eyes anymore.

    Other than that, I have also placed some decorative props to see if they are blocking anyone's view. I hope that the majority of them are not going to be huge obstacles for the layout.

    Anyway, by reading this, you can already tell that I am trying to move to the BETA stage. Once vents are tested out successfully - I will happily move on.

    Changes for A6 that I still remember:
    • Ventilation system changes:
      • Added a slowly moving door in the cave that can be opened while being in the vents.
      • Fixed LDR lighting.
    • Reworked defense spawn that had two wooden stairs:
      • Added some decorations.
      • Removed one side that had stairs, and replaced it with some cover. In the low-ground, you'll find one small health pack and one ammo pack.
      • Removed the resupply locker from the right side.
    • Improved optimization:
      • Added more area portals in multiple areas.
      • Added occluders in the middle of the map. (If you're somehow able to see that they are invalid - ignore this error. They work perfectly fine.)
    • Added trigger_nobuild areas in some places.
    • Added a lot of clipping.
    • Added some lights to make some areas less dark.
    • Added cubemaps in the death pits to avoid weird artifacts.
    • Added spark effect when the JACK is being spawned.
    • Added two easter eggs when the ball is being thrown into the darkness where the train would typically go in or out.
    • Added spectating cameras for other spawns.
    • Added ropes in some areas, so it looks pretty during the Christmas event.
    • Added light_origin entities to remove shadows and other weird lighting effects from some props.
    • Added some dirt patches on some displacements.
    • Added lots of props for decoration purposes.
    • Added more displacements.
    • Adjusted some displacements to look less weird.
    • Increased light value slightly for the light_environment entity.
    • Moved attacker's resupply locker to the place where it can be seen.
    • Fixed some displacements not being sealed properly.
    • Fixed some speed boosts disappearing on all sides if one of them is touched.
    • Fixed some lights being too bright.
    • Fixed some props not being appropriately mirrored.
    • Fixed vPhysics for some props.
    • Fixed the train sometimes being stuck like a pleb:
      • Due to the player.
      • Due to the JACK.
    • And more. I don't remember what else I did.


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