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pass_snowylake b1

Snowy PASS Time map with a train.

  1. The Last Alpha (Probably)

    Based on the previous version A4, a lot of players who actually gave a try at playing my map had positive feedback towards the layout of the map. Except for lighting.

    Although after a couple of tests, I saw two areas that absolutely required the rework. As small they might have looked, I felt very concerned about the new changes and what could they bring to the gameplay. Well, mostly one area in particular.

    The first area that I felt concerned about was the ventilation systems filled with dihydrogen monoxide. I already questioned myself about it when I was developing it during the version A4. When a player drops down in it, s/he already realizes that s/he's taking damage and starts panicking while still staring at the wall having no idea where to swim - left or right.

    The reason why I was concerned about expanding the area was that the ventilation system itself was created in a really narrow location, making me think that I'll have to move some other buildings which would lead to the change in the gameplay as well. Luckily, I had enough space to expand the ventilation system to the point the player would no longer be facing a wall when s/he dives into the chemical water. I've also added some arrows in the vents if the player still feels confused about the directions.

    Now the second area is the area that concerns me the most. And that the area is the small house standing next to the jump pad when coming up the hill. Apparently, it was a lot easier for a player to score a bonus goal rather than a non-bonus goal. So changes had to be implemented pretty quickly. What I did, in the end, was place a door which couldn't be accessible by enemies from inside but rather from the outside, and place an alternative route which would make you walk longer to reach the jump pad itself.

    The reason why I am concerned about it is due to activities of the engineers - I don't want them to start turtling around this building either it be outside or inside regardless if it's by the enemies or your teammates. So let's see what the next playtests will tell me about this new small route.

    Changes for A5:
    • Ventilation system changes:
      • Expanded the area quite a bit, so the player no longer stares at the wall when dived in the dihydrogen monoxide.
      • Added arrows to signal the player where to swim.
    • Added a new route for the building next to the jump pad:
      • Added a door next to the jump pad which can be opened only from the outside area.
      • Replaced a small ammo pack with another small health pack.
      • Added more clipping.
      • Added more areaportals.
    • Added inaccessible outside area filled with snowy mountains, rocks, trees, and oil pumps, so it doesn't look like the map is inside of the box.
    • Changes for the train:
      • Added icicles to the train.
      • Fixed the case when point_spotlights wouldn't render. The change might make them look buggy.
    • Added a proper tonemap to improve the lighting.
    • Added and fixed more lights while increasing the brightness to brighten up some dark areas.
    • Reworked some displacements:
      • The cave area next to the train tracks should look more smooth now.
      • Snow on some containers.
      • Fixed some cases when some displacements would become fully dark. Some small bits can still be seen though.
    • Moved construction barricades closer to the rock, so the player no longer runs around them. Jump over them you lazy shit.
    • Added trigger_push entity in the area of the walkable goal. If the player decides to throw the jack into the goal rather than walk into it, the jack would fly away.
    • Added steam particles when:
      • Throwing a jack into the walkable goal.
      • Getting pushed by the ventilator in the vents.
    • Added a new small room in the offense spawns to improve the optimization and add more space in general.
    • Added some small details to hide the snow from the crates next to the train tracks.
    • Added an electrical box with a looping sound.
    • Added two metal barrels in each shop.
    • Added two wooden barrels on the center bridge.
    • Added an overlay warning about the slippery ice under giant balconies.
    • Added a small beam that would allow a player to get the offense spawn in a different way.
    • Added a sign next to the jump-pad in the giant room.
    • Added custom soundscapes.
    • Reduced the size of the fog and z-clipping. That might hurt optimization.
    • Moved spectators cameras a bit.
    • Moved some point_spotlights closer to the lamps to avoid some weird anomalies. (I forgot about some. Whoops!)
    • Removed some trees. 3kliksphilip didn't like them. He didn't actually play it lol.
    • Added more clipping.
    • Added more optimization related brushes.
      • I am very concerned about optimization in this version. Please let me know if your FPS is low. And most importantly - where.


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