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pass_snowylake b1

Snowy PASS Time map with a train.

  1. Alpha 4 - Fuck the Engineers Update

    It's been quite awhile since I have updated this map. When I tested the A3 version, I found out that this version had mostly some problems with spawn-camping and with the bonus goals. So I thought that the A4 version will solve those issues and will, later on, move my map to the BETA stage.

    However, I was heavily wrong. Once the engineers started turtling in the A3, I literally got disappointed with the gameplay. As we all know, almost in every single TF2 map, a swarm of engineers can ruin your fun within a couple of seconds. That's what exactly happened in the A3.

    So in this new version, the map itself will combat engineers and will reduce their desire to do something awfully stupid. In shorter words, this version includes major changes to the defense/back zones for each team respectively. They've been completely reworked and they will include more fun for the mercs to score the goals. At least I hope so.

    But don't worry. Engineers aren't unplayable in this version. They still are. This version just reduces their dominance, so it's more fun for other classes to enjoy this map.

    But most importantly, the tress had a diet. So as of now, you can stop complaining that they are covering your entire screen.

    Changes for A4:
    • Reworked Defense/Back zones completely:
      • Each defense spawn room has been reworked and one of them have been moved to the very back of the map.
      • Each defense spawn room will now active whenever a player is located on its side.
      • Changed the bonus goal to look like a smaller version of the normal goal
      • Changed the position of the bonus goal to be now slapped on the back side of the roof.
      • Changed a small frozen pond to a death pit.
      • Changed a normal goal's position to be now stuck on the newly added hills.
      • Replaced one container with a giant rock.
      • Added even more containers.
      • Added three lights on the side of the roof for the walk-in goal.
      • Added a new ventilation zone filled with dihydrogen monoxide for the enemies to flank the other team.
    • Minor changes to the Mid:
      • Added a trigger_hurt entity under the control point in order to prevent players from being stuck inside of it (that's due to the train).
      • Added two STOP signs for each jump pad in order to tell players to stop jumping on them while standing on the control point.
      • Added a sign for the players to understand that there's another way that leads to the sniper spot.
      • Added some snow on the containers.
      • Added some new giant hills.
      • Changed the proportions of the brushes in one small room under a giant balcony/sniper spot.
      • Changed a direction in which doors move in the offense spawn from TOP to BOTTOM.
      • Changed the colors for the floor in the offense spawn.
    • General changes:
      • Added some bushes for the pine trees mostly.
      • Added some other small props.
      • Added even more clipping.
      • Added some lights to brighten up certain areas a little more.
      • Added areaportals to improve optimization.
      • Added a better fog with Z clipping to improve the optimization.
      • Replaced the giant pine trees with the smaller versions of the pine trees.
      • Changed the mirrored rock props to proper models on the RED side.
      • Fixed some other anomalies that have been missed in A3. At least I hope so!
    Forgot to:
    • Add clipping in two known spots to prevent players from being stuck forever.
    • Extend a ventilation zone, so players can know where to go once they drop into the dihydrogen monoxide. For now, a sign has been slapped to indicate where the players should face once they drop down there.
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