Multi Stage Paper14bit a1

Made for Microcontest 2: Multistage Madness

  1. 14bit
    Made for Microcontest 2: Multistage Madness, in which participants created the first stage of a payload map, and then the vmfs were randomly swapped and participants had to create a second stage for someone else's map!

    First stage created by @Paper_, second stage by me.

    Features a big rollback, and a stage 2 almost entirely on a series of bridges over a deathpit.


    1. hl2_2020-03-16_22-49-43.png
    2. hl2_2020-03-16_22-50-00.png
    3. hl2_2020-03-16_22-50-30.png
    4. hl2_2020-03-16_22-50-42.png
    5. hl2_2020-03-16_22-51-48.png