Oil Ridge A7

Red have built an oil rig. blu are trying to destroy it. thats it.

  1. the "i redesigned part of A to B again" update

    *redesigned the flank around after A point.
    *moved back the red first/blu second spawn by about 64 hammer units to make that area abit more open.
    *gave blu a new forward spawn when they cap C.
    *removed a useless corridor so i could actualy fit the spawn in that general area.
    *made the blu balcony on last bigger.
    *added ammo in the tunnels.
    *changed a flank at B so it guides you throu the flank instead of to the dropdown.
    *made some walls thinner.
    *added arrows at red first/blu second spawn...
  2. the "moved lots of things"

    *removed red first spawn and made red spawn from the blu forward spawn instead when the round starts (kind of like upward)
    *increased setup time because of red spawning further back
    *moved the A point to inside the tunnels.
    *moved the B point back into the house.
    *moved the C point back abit.
    *increased the ambient light abit.
    *removed a confusing corridor in the A point flank.
    *tweaked some smaller things.
    *raised the roof of the B point building. (it was so low it looked like you could...
  3. the "reworked tunnels so its actualy playable."

    *reworked the tunnels
    *C point moved back
    *slightly changed A
  4. the "lets fix these stupid control points and THEN focus on ballance" update

    *moved a rock i think
    *added a door thingy
    *i have forgoten everything else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. its now actualy the CORRECT file :P

    previus version was the wrong file :p
  6. the "EXPAND MAP!" update

    *moved rocks to open up Blu spawn to A
    *added a 2fort fence to A to make it easier to not get killed by sentries as soon as you go throu the opening.
    *removed door in the side building at A to make it easier to flank.
    *made the tunnels wider.
    *changed max time to 5min.
    *changed C to add 1min of time rather than 1min and 30sekonds.
    *moved B into the tunnels.
    *moved C onto the end of the wooden overhang.
    *widened C to last abit.
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  7. the "blu has more options but less time" update

    *redid the flank at A to give blu some high ground and make the flank less of a death trap.
    *removed part of blu's forward spawn and added a flank route in its place.
    *shortened the max timer time.
    *decreased the amount of time blu gets for capping points.
    *added decals under all healthkits and ammo packs.
    *fixed a MASSIVE sightline from C house to last's balcony.
    *added a balcony to last that blu has access to.
    *moved the sheet metal on last to make shooting inbetween it and the oilrig...