Octothorpe Classic version Beta 01

A tightly packed KOTH map that will make you look both ways before crossing the rails

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    Octothorpe: A Koth Map

    Welcome to Octothorpe Station, a small train crossroads on the far outskirts of Poco, New Mexico. The way station was built out quickly by the Mann Company to serve as a storage and logistics center during the Gravel Wars. While most of the Octothorpe facilities are now boarded up, the rail lines that cross through remain as active as ever.


    A tight King of the Hill map themed in the industrial trainyard style with a bit of flair from the rocket above the point. The map is about as large as Nucleus and shares the same sort of idea of a dangerous control point in the center. The danger is the trains that plow past the point on either side of it. It has an outer and inner ring of play spaces around the point, a basement passage and of course, your typical altar to the Train God.

    - A Train god death counter installed under the point. Every death is counted!
    - A custom beachball [so fancy!]
    - Lots of custom textures, signs and logos
    - 4 train lines! No waiting!
    - Finished spawn rooms!
    - Cubemaps!
    - A Conga themed train car for the easily amused!
    - A Butter themed train car for those unimpressed with the Conga car!

    The Steam Workshop page for the map

    Sept 7th Version Beta 1

    - Removed misc models and items throughout the map.
    - Removed the trestles, may the demos jump far and free.
    - lowered the light level outside a smidge.


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