Medieval Skywalker 1

A medieval KOTH map, themed as airborne blimps and planes

  1. r13
    A medieval King of the hill map.

    "Blimps blow up, so no guns. Not even a little one, Scout."

    This is the first version of the map, so consider it an alpha release. This is spawned from my 72hr Jam map that was a 5 point control map.

    The two teams each spawn in their own Blimp spawn room. Each team must then navigate their way down the airborne planes to the center blimp and the control point. Don't stay on the planes too long as they will despawn after they pass the play area.

    There is one circuit of planes for each team that is easy to board on the far sides fo their respective spawn rooms. This set of planes will fly you safely over the center blimp, but it will also take the longest to get there. It also acts as a dispenser while you are on this set of planes.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: 1
    would be better if i wasnt medieval mode
  2. Grubzer
    Version: 1
    This concept is amazing! I never seen it before!