Hat Factory 55

A 3 stage payload that is themed as a whimsical factory where the Mann Co makes hats

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    Welcome to the Hat Factory; a remote and whimsical place where the Mann Company makes hats and places each in a crate to keep it safe and secure. The land and skies surrounding the factory are literally inspiration for many of the products in the store. You'll find many land forms that might just look like that wonderful bit of hat on your own head.

    The Hat Factory was built in 1913 around the Poco Falls. Being on top of it's biggest supply of hats was simple logistical scene. The native hat veins are the riches in the world here. The first hat mines were actually started by the native Americans as far back as before the invention of pants. They looked silly in sombreros and moved on to the headdresses they found here. The river and falls still provide the Mann Co. with free testing and shipping of the boxed up hats made on site. Any crate that does not survive the trip down the falls and river is not considered a proper Mann Co crate.

    Eventually production required more resources and reservoirs were built to provide enough hydro-power to meet the hat demand. As the lakes grew, the factory will built higher and higher to escape the waters. Tankers were brought in as supply carts that move the mined hats from the mines over to the factory via the lakes.

    If you look closely out on the lake, you can find the original Mann homestead and headquarters. It is still in it geographically and spatially same spot since the factory was first founded. It's been stabilized recently with the use of some of the factory equipment.

    However, this is all going to get blown up. The Blue mercs have been hired to push a bomb into the factory and detonate it at the base of the Poco Falls. They have each been promised a fancy hat for the job. The Red team has been hired to protect the factory with a similar promise of a fancy hat.


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