El Vvis 3

a Mayann themed Player Destruction map

  1. r13
    El Vvis: a Mayann themed Player Destruction map

    From the sweat stained travel brochure left on the bus:

    "Welcome to El Vvis, the temple of two points and one god. The temple here was dedicated by the Mayann shamans to their local demigod: Nuukpok. You will see 2 different representations of Nuukpok throughout the El Vvis temple complex. There is also two altars: upper and lower, at which the shamans and generals slew their captive enemies at the end of battles. They would apparently choose which altar to use by tossing a crude form of dice or coin. You may find some bones underfoot at times. Please don't disturb the bones."

    The map is a Mayann death cult temple. Every 2 mins the map will choose a control point, upper or lower, to turn on. The control point will stay active for 60 seconds. Watch for the green beam to appear and jump into it. Here you will score points from collecting the Mann souls that generate when you have slain your enemies like the other team they are!


    This version one, so I expect to hear about a few bugs. There is some lighting that i need to fix on specific models and the water on the skybox doesn't quite match properly on one side.

    I expect this one to be a bit of a meat grinder, I tried to take the feel Watergate and compress it to encourage the dynamic situations.