Fishladder 3

A Payload Race map that has a slightly over powered tank as the cart

  1. r13
    A PLR map, where you push the tank to destroy the other team's boat.

    The tank however is a little over powered. When it fires, dont be standing in front of it.... or next to it... or behind it.

    The boats each take 3 shots before they will sink and your team is declared the winner.


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Recent Updates

  1. less water, more models
  2. first update!

Recent Reviews

  1. ShadowMan44
    Version: 3
    I've yet to play this map on any server, but what was showcased in Big Joey's video shows that this would definitely be the best payload race map if it were ever added officially. For one, I really love how the tank cart will actually shoot into a wall to make a new flankroute at a certain point. The cart having that kind of functionality outside of just ending the round is unique and creative.
    Why I think this could be the best plr map is because of the fact that on the final point, you don't have to hold onto the cart for like 10 seconds. Banana Bay, Hightower (and Helltower), and that one map called Valentine all have that problem where it takes too long to cap the final point and it turns into a deathmatch map. I'm aware that Pipeline and Nightfall don't have these caps either, but I haven't really been able to play on them much at all (plus they look kinda boring in comparison to this).