Oasis RC3

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Oasis RC3

It's map

Working in collaboration with Freyja for the Connect 5 contest.


It's okay.
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. RC3

    Changelog: Experimental: Added new platform route in oasis connecting two forward spawn exits, this should help the oasis area be more connected and encourage more usage of the outside route Experimental: Added new route connecting right and...
  2. RC...2!

    RC1 (internally tested): Brought the map up to parity with the event version, gameplay-wise Ton of optimization and small visual tweaks Updated usage of custom assets RC2: Adjusted/ cleaned up a few routes, the big one is removing the stairway...
  3. Full detail pass update

    Oops we went through 4 versions before I updated it here. Changelog: Full artpass of the map, reoptimized and clipped Adjusted timers further I dunno it's basically a brand new map from what it was besides the rough shape. Freyja OP pls nerf

Latest reviews

Truly the best map in the Connect 5 Contest, even if the Egypt doors don't make any sounds.
Had some good fun on the test yeterday