Oasis b4

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Oops we went through 4 versions before I updated it here.

Full artpass of the map, reoptimized and clipped
Adjusted timers further
I dunno it's basically a brand new map from what it was besides the rough shape.
Freyja OP pls nerf
Made Blu's first forward spawn have two way doors (why did I make them one way before?)
Adjusted/ added health/ ammo on the map
Fixed one way door that traps you (theoretically?)
Adjusted spawn timers to favor blu slightly more
Added one way door going into last
Added new door coming out of blu's second forward spawn
Lowered sniper perch windows overlooking last slightly
Maybe fixed the finale explosion finally? Probably not.
Fixed some bugs/ exploits
Adjusted spawn timers
Cleaned up jump routes just past first going into second
Changed ramp going into last into a drop down
Did some more optimization
Pushed second capture point back some
Adjusted routes into second
Added space to the opening area
Adjusted health/ ammo
Broke the first forward spawn door for red
Changed palm models
Added new custom materials (and somehow didn't pack one of them?!)
Widened some doorways
Added a terrible jump route onto sniper perch thing going into second, it's bad
Still didn't get the explosion damage to work
Stuff, I dunno
Added new window/ balcony overlooking second for attackers
Added/ adjusted health and ammo, especially around last
Added finale explosion damage
Adjusted spawn timers
More time is now added to the clock on cap to account for the longer distances between cap points.
Adjusted clipping on fence behind last to allow it to be jumped up
Fixed a bunch of missing clipping, whoops
Fixed a few exploits/ ledges

20180309175451_1.jpg 20180309175518_1.jpg 20180309175532_1.jpg 20180309175553_1.jpg 20180309175637_1.jpg 20180309175653_1.jpg
Added new forward spawn for Red coming out in front of Sphinx that opens into new route after Second is captured.
Adjusted Spawn timers to take new forward spawn into account
Gave second more defendable locations, oops I might've went too far
Added new "guard post" style lookout next to entrance to second to slow down attackers momentum after capping first
Moved Blu's first foward spawn back around the corner a bit
Fixed some clipping bugs, introduced some more clipping bugs, ngl
Remade last from scratch, hopefully much less bad.
Removed clipping from upper area next to second and created a new door connecting red side to it, and a small platform for blu. This change was not that good.
Adjusted some health and ammo, I think.
Dramatically lowered red spawn timer after capturing first to make up for not having the time to make a proper forward spawn for them, oops.
Officially brought on Jukebox as a contributor by having him modify the sphinx prop for us.
20180302212024_1.jpg 20180302212035_1.jpg 20180302212042_1.jpg 20180302212056_1.jpg 20180302212128_1.jpg
Added more distance between first and second
Added new way up from lower second area
Added new route on left Sphinx paw that drops down into the death pit flank side going into last
Changed route next to first cap so it now connects to flank going into lower second, widened it out, and removed the middle structure that was dumb and never good
Added scaffolding-styled cover to right sphinx paw to improve sentry nest position
Added some height variation leading into first
Widened some doorways
Narrowed some walls to make more room around cart/ through choke points
Added some more palm trees
Fixed some of minor bugs
Did not make it good yet