Medieval Ninfa A1

featuring Medieval Engineer buildings

  1. Yaki
    Travel to 1960 Central Italy! Fight over an abandoned medieval castle! Swim in the Mad Milkerium River! Get malaria! And fight over that raw ham ye glutton.

    Medieval Mode (with custom stuff)
    • Engineer can build catapults, furnaces and walls.
    • Pyro can use Thermal Thruster, Gas Passer and a fireball.
    • Heavy has 400 HP and is slightly bigger in scale.
    Game mode is 3CP, where the the central control point locks on capture, then resets itself in 60 seconds. Capture all three to win the game.

    • Krazy for BLU manor assets
    • Treythepunkid for furnace prop
    • Contrails for catapult prop
    • Frontline! team for spire
    • @Zepavil for feedback and collaboration!


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