mvms_earthquake B2

A coop/singleplayer survival map with dynamic difficulty, similar to Call of Duty zombies.

  1. The Beta Update Hotfix

    The Beta Update Hotfix


    - slightly moved the door in the upper water filtration room

    Bug Fixes:

    - fixed a bug where bots couldn't navigate to the top center of the water filtration room
  2. The Beta Update

    The Beta Update


    - added a map of the world to the spawn with locations of interest marked
    - Added a screen fade when a weapon refresh happens
    - a new area for bots by the spawnroom
    - Added a "cheat room" that allows players to have one wave last forever,
    that can only be accessed using noclip.
    (although it can only be used after a wave has been completed)
    it gives players control over:
    bot health
    the dynamic difficulty level (how many bots spawn at...
  3. Easter Egg Update

    Easter Egg Update.


    - Added an "easter egg" to gain permanent crits
    - Replaced TF2's default background images
    (this way you can see if you have the mod/map installed or not)

    General Changes:

    - Improved the install instructions in the readme file

    Bug Fixes:

    - Prevented a bug with the weapon refresh that would cause players to
    enter the reference position and not regain their weapons.
    - Fixed a bug where multiple players could...
  4. Sound and bug fix update

    Sound and bug fix update


    - Added soundscapes
    - Added sound effects when unlocking upgrades and weapons
    - Added more particle effects around the waterfall in the intake room
    - Added the ability to refund
    now players won't be confined to one class or weapon combo


    - decreased the cost of buying any class's weapon to 3 (was 4)
    - increased the number of hits to kill a player to 3 hits (was 2)
    and reduced the max melee resistance upgrade to...