mvms_earthquake B2

A coop/singleplayer survival map with dynamic difficulty, similar to Call of Duty zombies.

  1. The Beta Update

    The Beta Update


    - added a map of the world to the spawn with locations of interest marked
    - Added a screen fade when a weapon refresh happens
    - a new area for bots by the spawnroom
    - Added a "cheat room" that allows players to have one wave last forever,
    that can only be accessed using noclip.
    (although it can only be used after a wave has been completed)
    it gives players control over:
    bot health
    the dynamic difficulty level (how many bots spawn at once)
    spawn rate (how fast they will respawn, if enabled. by default it is 8 seconds)
    whether or not giants spawn
    whether or not all weapons are unlocked
    bot running speed
    - added a speed boost when in between rounds
    - the waterfall now slightly damages robots
    - added the recall canteen
    - added text to tell dead scouts to join spectators
    (since I can't stop them for instantly respawning)


    - bot health was tweaked slightly
    so the beginning will be slightly easier but later
    waves will be much harder.

    bot health at round:
    0: 40 (was 45)
    10: 220 (was 225)
    20: 770 (was 575)
    40: 5270 (was 1525)
    60: 19270 (was 3375)
    80: 43470 (was 6150)
    100: 69470 (was 12150)

    - the money gained per wave now increased by 5 per wave
    (was a flat 250 each wave)

    money gained at round:
    0: 150 (starting money)
    10: 290
    20: 345
    40: 445
    60: 545
    80: 645
    100: 745

    - slightly increased bot's attack range in later waves (every 5 waves, from wave 25 to 60)

    - changed the sniper rile charge upgrade from a speed upgrade
    to a support upgrade (the shield)
    and separated it into 2 upgrades (each half of the original)
    - reduced the maximum number of any single upgrade to 6
    (so the default GUI can be used)
    this effected: almost every ammo related upgrade (max ammo, clip size, etc.)
    - added an ammo regen upgrade

    - removed the "rage on hit" and soldier buff duration upgrade
    - reduced passive health regen to 4 (from 6)
    - increased the cost of "Sniper charge rate" to 200 (was 100)
    - increased the cost of soldier, engineer, and demo's weapons to 6 (was 3)
    - increased the cost of pyro and heavy's weapons to 9 (was 3)

    - gave engineers 75% sentry resistance
    - improved sentry damage upgrade to +75% with a cost of 250 (was +40% with a cost of 225)
    - improved the metal regen upgrade for engineer to 5 (was 2)
    - the cost to unlock medic's weapons will now only increase by 1 per player (was 2)
    - decreased the cost of medic's weapons to 2 (was 3)
    - allowed medic to use Ubercharge (although uber is set to 0 on wave start)
    - added an upgrade to increase uber charge rate
    - added an upgrade to increase move speed when aiming (which affect heavy and sniper)

    - disabled the following weapons:
    (most because they don't function correctly with these bots)
    - battalion's backup
    - buff banner
    - concheror
    - quick fix
    - killing gloves of boxing
    - holiday punch
    - vaccinator
    - bazaar bargain
    - hitman's heatmaker
    - ambassador
    - diamondback
    - big earner
    - Sharpened Volcano Fragment
    - natascha
    - frontier justice
    - vita saw
    - solemn vow
    - weapons re-added
    - widowmaker
    - thermal thruster


    + Major:
    - moved the train to the loading dock and rebuilt that area
    - revamped the room down by the water intake
    - revamped the office next to spawn
    - revamped the water filtration room
    - moved the hallway between the filtration room and the intake room up
    - added a large pit to the generator room
    - on wave loss instead of reloading the whole map it reloads the population file
    which makes restarts instant
    - moved the sniper rifle, so it can be bought without leaving the spawning area

    - revamped the room between the water filtration room and generator room
    - revamped the filtration room
    - revamped the water intake room
    - robots can no longer walk underneath doors

    - slightly off-centered the "map loading text" (so that it doesn't overlap with the crosshair)
    - slightly brightened the HDR version of the map, so it is more in line with the LDR version
    - some minor lighting changes
    - moved the bot spawn in the spawn room
    - removed broken glass in 2 areas, allowing players to jump through those areas
    - added a raised platform by the tank upgrade station
    - music now plays at the beginning of every 5th wave
    (when bots running speed increases)
    - updated the icons for a few upgrades
    - removed the shield effect that could appear around players
    - Made the normal bots slightly larger, and shrunk the miniboss bots slightly
    - changed how bots skins are selected so that there should be more diversity
    - improved and updated the nav mesh
    - if all players die between waves they will automatically be
    - added textures to the bottom of the waterfall
    - Dispensers and teleporters are now unable to be built, instead of being killed
    shortly after being built
    - removed some boxes by the water filtration room and secondary upgrade station
    - minorly changed the lighting in the generator room
    - holograms now glow slightly
    - smoothed out some of the floor in the water intake room
    - combined a few doors so they will open together
    - removed some ammo packs that were stuck in walls
    - cleaned up some clipping
    - updated the background images

    Bug Fixes:

    + Major:
    - fixed a bug that would cause the server to crash whenever a player leaves
    - fixed a bug that could cause incorrect hats to appear on your character

    - fixed a bug that would prevent the dragon's fury from being
    used until the soldier's weapons were unlocked
    - fixed a bug where scout could respawn, but the map would think they were still dead
    - fixed a bug where demo's weapons would always stay the same cost, regardless of the number of players
    - fixed a bug where the cost of doors and weapons wouldn't change with the number of players
    - fixed a bug where the crit boost from the Easter egg would disappear after the rounds end
    and reappear after the start of the next. It is now permanent (minus class changes).
    - removed the "you already have a powerup" text
    - the map will now set sv_cheats to true upon launching, preventing a number of errors
    - fixed a bug preventing wave 47 from being completed
    - removed the rumbling sound when robots spawn
    - the announcer's voice lines at the start are no longer controlled by the music volume
    - fixed a bug that could cause the player to enter the reference pose upon leaving an upgrade station
    - fixed a bug where players wouldn't spawn with regen and damage resistance
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