mvms_earthquake B2

A coop/singleplayer survival map with dynamic difficulty, similar to Call of Duty zombies.

  1. Sound and bug fix update

    Sound and bug fix update


    - Added soundscapes
    - Added sound effects when unlocking upgrades and weapons
    - Added more particle effects around the waterfall in the intake room
    - Added the ability to refund
    now players won't be confined to one class or weapon combo


    - decreased the cost of buying any class's weapon to 3 (was 4)
    - increased the number of hits to kill a player to 3 hits (was 2)
    and reduced the max melee resistance upgrade to compensate
    - added a damage upgrade to every upgrade unlock
    (since the only feasible upgrade path was speed, now any of the paths should be feasible)
    - increased player health regen to 6 (was 4)
    - increased starting money to 150 (was 50)

    General Changes:

    - moved door for the water intake room past the elevator shaft
    and adjusted spawnpoints accordingly
    - removed swapping away from melee after leaving a upgrade station (it was unreliable)
    - the door to the storage room will now open if 2 of the 3 adjacent doors are opened

    Bug Fixes:

    - fixed buying demo's weapon (originally cost 0, which would then roll over to 99 preventing purchasing it)
    - added an openable door from spawn into the office
    - fixed the valve in the filter room so it will no longer close after 4 seconds
    - fixed the spawns from behind the tank
    - fixed opening the door between the backroad and water
    filtration rooms partially removing the door between the generator room and the water filtration room
    - slightly delayed the spawning of bots at the beginning of a round
    (so that when the weapon refresh happens the bots don't spawn at the same time)
    - fixed floor spawn in the ramp room not being enabled when opening the storage room door
    - Fixed how some weapons couldn’t be purchased
    - Fixed a bug where a bot would spawn when a specific was door opened, regardless if the wave was over or not
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