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mvm_turbine b3

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mvm_turbine b3

MVM version of ctf_turbine

Nobody asked for this, but I did it anyways, because why not.
As the name suggests, it's a MVM version of Turbine, complete with Engie-bot and Tank support, so it should work with any working popfile you throw at it (if you properly change the spawnbot and tank track names, that is). It also has an old Spacepost mission I did once to test the map.

To Do list:
-Add the lil' hologram arrows that indicate the path the robots are gonna follow.
-Add a fancier door entrance to spawnbot_giant.
-Change the NAV file so that giant robots look for an alternative route if the bomb is still in BLU's base.

In a perfect world of pure imagination my plan is to make MVM versions of all official TF2 maps, but we'll see how that goes.
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Mann Vs. Machine
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Latest updates

  1. Beta 3

    Very quick update. The changes are: -Removed collisionless props inside spawnbot_giant. -Added the signature "noentry" texture to spawnbot_giant's entrance.
  2. B2

    Changes: -Fixed game claiming a stalemate when RED loses. -Adjusted the visualizer in spawnbot_giant to prevent noclipping.