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mvm_koth_badlands B1

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mvm_koth_badlands B1

MVM version of koth_badlands

After nearly a year of hiatus, I'm finally back as promised! After constantly on and off developing many MVM conversions of different gamemodes, I believe I've finally achieved a somewhat stable, yet extremely difficult Mann Vs Machine version of the KOTH gamemode, MVM-KOTH! In this gamemode, robots have managed to seize both RED and BLU bases, so you will be forced to defend the central point against hordes of robots coming both from BLU and RED spawn! Besides that, you no longer have a regular spawn, instead you only have a tiny, somewhat safe corner of the map to separate you from the robots' wrath, in this map it being the space below the middle bridge. You will require both great skill and quick thinking in order to beat this map's missions.

Again, some of mvm_mannworks missions have been added besides the regular test mission. As always, the map has been conversed to handle all the different quirks of MVM missions, such as giant robots, engie support, and tanks. Feel free to leave your feedback on the comments!
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