Mvm_estate rc1a

A mvm map set in an urban environment.

  1. Final thingy (probably)

    Final thingy.

    + No dev textures, replaced all of them with bricks.

    + Areaportals, like 1 maybe 2 hints.

    + Prop fades

    + Scrapped the pop file, 10 scouts one wave now, because I don't really have any ideas on how to make something that's fun and I don't really have the time anymore.

    + Some more detailing around the front and just generally.

    +Fixed a few spawns

    + Other stuff. 20170729142048_1.jpg 20170729142057_1.jpg 20170729142027_1.jpg 20170729142112_1.jpg 20170729142007_1.jpg 20170729142010_1.jpg 20170729142032_1.jpg 20170729142017_1.jpg
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