1. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Machine (Ravine Event) a1a

    Welcome to the Machine! A new take on the classic Arena map Ravine using the Ghost mechanic from Graveyard! Fight to defeat all of the other mercenaries or take the control point in an abandoned factory overrun with all things spooky and scary! Assets used: Ghost models, spellbook particles and...
  2. Sexy Brioche

    Synthesize 2017-07-30

    "After being continuously ravaged by robots, Mann Co. has created its own facility to research and produce bots of its own. Knowing this, Gray Mann has organized an attack on the facility to obliterate any traces of Mann Co.'s own army. Team up with your fellow mercenaries to preserve the...
  3. Erk

    Mvm_estate rc1b

    credit to: Stnr for helping make this map, Fuzzymellow for textures, the Watergate team for various assets and inspiration, Diva dan for the twees, and the eventual mvm waves this will have!
  4. superhimax

    Custom TF2 story map

    I have played some story map like Machine Attacks, It's like death run but also fighting the robots For someone wants some new experiences I suggest you should play it once. Or you can find this map and play at these servers: -Getsome -TF.titan -Gooie
  5. superhimax

    Machine Attacks Remastered V1 Pack Part1 2017-02-17

    Machine Attacks is custom mvm campaign mode map. with a story and puzzles, and special upgrades for this map. there are many bonuses in these maps like Mannpowers, Buffs and more. If you want to play some difference way, you should try it. These maps is not favorable for whoever doesn't like...
  6. nickybakes

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Meme Machine (72hr Jam Entry) RC 1 Re-upload

    This thread is made for my 2016 Summer 72 Hour Jam entry; Meme Machine RC 1! You can also find the map on the original thread ( ). Screenshots will come later. Thank you to @LeSwordfish for allowing me to go over the time limit a small bit. Now...