72hr MvM Snowfall RC2

An MvM map à la Mannworks style, located in a small town in France.

  1. After a year

    So after more than a year of being neglected, I finally decided to fix some things.

    -I should have fixed giants getting stuck in the right spawn.
    -Upgrade station no longer breaks after wave failure.
    -Removed 3d skybox because it was just ugly.
    -Along with some correct texture alignments.
  2. Out of beta

    Map changes:
    -Out of beta
    -Several optimization changes
    -Changed the 3D skybox a bit
    -Added some finishing touches here and there

    Still struggling to make a mission for it though. I'm currently out of inspiration.
  3. B2 update

    Things done:
    -Slight adjustments to the nav file to make bot navigation more smooth.
    -Slight adjustment to tank path.
    -Increased performance of the map.
    -Repacked the map, didn't have time for this during the jam.

    To do list:
    -Make my own mission.
    -Polish the map some more.