Mutagen a5

Fight over some glowing goo.

  1. A5: Entrances and Exits

    Imgur album (doesn't include mid changes)

    -Closed off water room in lobby from spiral
    -Moved healthkits around
    -Shifted some cover around
    -Added second entrance to Secret
    -Added small ramp to side of point

    -Added jump route from Balcony to point
    -Added small health to Balcony
    -Opened up far left(route near greenhouse), rollouts are now easier and more fluid
    -Moved ammo kits around
    -Added some(messy at the moment)...
  2. Alpha 4

    ALPHA 4:
    -Overhauled many parts of last
    >Removed Big Ramp from last
    >Removed lower resupply room
    >Removed shutter door from main push route
    >Secret now wraps all the way around to the point, and has no windows
    >Pit behind point shallowed
    >Prop jump route up to the high ground
    >Stairs to the spawn exit that was previously a dropdown
    -Tweaked Garage route, removing Dumpster and adding a ramp from the other side
    -Removed wall at mid that separated Garage from the...
  3. A3: General fixes

    -Fixed respawn times
    -Tweaked health positions
    -Greatly opened up lobby
    -Little tweaks and edits for better flow


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    8. 2015-10-03_00011.jpg
  4. A2 Tweaks

    -Fixed a health unbalance
    -Changed health on mid to small
    -Blocked off corner of Coal(low ground by lobby)
    -Added respawnroom trigger to the lower resupply
    -Fixed getting stuck in spawn (hopefully!)
  5. Mutagen A2B: The Declutter Update

    As the title says, I did a lot of decluttering, switched around the health amounts, and hopefully made the flow more fluid. Thanks to Phi for all the very helpful feedback!

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