Moonjump A2

A soldier-only super-small lunar-based KOTH map!

  1. Improvements

    +Added sign in spawn to signify only soldiers can take the teleporter
    +Increased height of radar buildings, added a door and several windows
    +Changed trajectory of the jump pads
    +Added crit powerup above the CP, this respawns every 30 seconds
    +You are now given uber when taking the teleporter, this lasts 3 seconds

    That's all folks!
    Not sure what to do for future updates, so this is it (probably)
  2. trigger_add_or_remove_tf_player_attributes

    No more blast damage! All rocket launchers now do 0 damage, essentially making them all into the rocket jumper!
    (shotguns also do no damage)
    ((melee weapons still do damage))