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  1. dropknock

    pass_ruin a5

    Made for the 4v4 PASS Time competitive community. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t01sfcj1qPw Features: • Platforms that act as jump multipliers for med only use, intented to give more mobility/gamapley impact to the class. • Ulama inspired rings on the sides that give anyone who goes...
  2. Little Shayman

    jump_ramparts a5

    A map that stemmed from my appreciation of jurf. Ramparts being a pun alluding to such. As of writing this I plan to make this map have a medieval castle aesthetic to match its name. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable map for you, if you have any constructive criticism, please don't hesitate to...
  3. myria

    Azazel b2

  4. vzmuric

    jump_cereal 2021-12-18

    I've been jumping for quite some time and I have decided to stop being lazy and make a jump map. Jump_cereal is a short pogo/regen based map with 6 levels. I'm not very experienced with making maps, this being my first map I've made. Hopefully in the future I will make some harder/better maps...
  5. an alias

    what map is this???

    saw it in jump_competitive
  6. lucky

    luckyjam a2a

    thanks yrrzy for jump pads thanks squishy for purple
  7. Vermelho

    Jump Jetpack 3 2020-06-01

    I've made three jump maps for pyro. This one, is the last one I do, I hope you have fun. Place the "jump_map" folder in tf/custom /<here> <here>
  8. Vermelho

    Jump Jetpack 2 a3

    Jump for Pyro with Jetpack Welcome, another jump map for the Pyro with the jetpack. I added more jumps compared to the previous jump_jetpack version. This is my last jump map for the pyro, so I added more fun jumps.
  9. Muenster Monster

    Spawn points not valid?

    Hello, I'm trying to create a jump map, and I'm creating the initial logic of the map. I have 24 spawn points currently set to any team and have done the following, from one of my previous threads a long time ago: I've switched the teams around so it forces you to go on blue, but it's fairly...
  10. Vermelho

    Jump Jetpack 1.0.0

    The first map created by me, this map made to be played as a pyro with the jetpack, the phases are easy, in the future I will add a more hard mode.
  11. HOI

    Brush Font for Jump Maps b1

    The alphanumeric characters are based off of those from the fantastic Oat's Jump Mapping Resource Pack, with some small changes which I feel improve the readability of the font. I have also included some other characters and some example usage for labels and stage numbers. The image is a...
  12. HOI

    jump_moo final

    24 jumps 2 bonuses Easy tier 2
  13. Suna

    Moonjump A2

    I made this in literally a day cause I was bored. I'll probably update this a bit more in future, but for now, enjoy! (recommend 6v6 trolldier)
  14. Red Dagger

    pyrokinesis rc1

    Jump map for pyro, intended to teach detonator jumping for proficiency in normal gameplay, and provide a challenge for those looking for more. -jumps based on a more grounded geometry -hint nodes for introducing the concepts of detonator jumping -5 courses of increasing difficulty --A: simple...
  15. mute_

    kz-mute q4

    tf2s very first mini kz map, for improving your mechanical movement (made for 2.6 gamma)
  16. Flareblood

    Speedjump A1

    you'll see
  17. False_

    jump_sleepy_redo jam

    I took my 1.5 year old map jump_sleepy, and redid its aesthetic to be much more pleasant. This includes the use of props, displacements, non-dev textures, and custom assets, all things that I didn't use in my original jump_sleepy. This version keeps the exact same gameplay of the original...
  18. toopliss

    crunch v2

    A recreation of a map I made during 2017 Jump Jam, with a hefty load of detailing attempt this time. (For the uninitiated, Jump Jam was an event where you're given 72 hours to create a jump map from scratch, akin to TF2Maps' own 72 hour events in the past. Organized by the jumper, Pants, it's a...
  19. HOI

    jump_cow FINAL

    Easy cow themed soldier jump map 2 courses 3 bonuses
  20. Sock

    How to make a brush that clips only players (not rockets)?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to hammer, so this might be a bit of a noob question. I'm making a glass wall that I wish projectiles (like rockets) to pass through. I found the "Clip" texture https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Clip#Clips, but I want to use a glass texture instead of the clip...