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Molten a1

2cp ad with lava

  1. Jameson

    Molten is a gorge-like ad map with 2 points, including the addition of lava side routes for classes that feature fire resistance/extinguishables. The lava uses a trigger_ignite and deals 20 dmg per second without any resistances so there is potential for environmental kills. Not sure how useful this will be in practice but hey at least it looks pretty. The layout features varied high grounds and flanks that are used to help maximize the space that's available for attackers and defenders.

    Some minor bullet points:
    • cp A is 20 seconds
    • cp B is 8 seconds
    • Blu has a forward spawn when A is capped
    • Red's spawn moves back when A is capped
    • 3 large doors to B open when A is capped
    This started off as a mc17 entry however I wanted to give this map a proper re-design since this is my first TF2 map.

    This map's layout was inspired by cp_burial and cp_gorge

    Custom Assets:
    Delivery van - evil knevil, NassimO


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