Molten a1

2cp ad with lava

  1. Molten

    Thought I'd continue my mc17 entry and give it a face lift. I think the only thing that remains pretty much the same is blu spawn. This is still a 2cp map with lava let's just hope it plays okay.

    Also the map is now called Molten


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  2. Hey it's actually fixed now

    Wanted to at least make a1 playable so here we go:
    • Fixed red not being able to win when round timer ended
    • Fixed red spawn doors sharing the same name
    • Added A/B decal signage to points
    • Added set respawn wave times of 2 for blu and 7 for red (no more 20 second respawn times)
    • Added hazard tape to capture point boundaries
    • Added a custom delivery van prop (wanted to test compilepal's custom content packer/unpacker)

    A2 is going to feature major layout changes...
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