Mirrored Maps - pl_drawpu

Mirrored Maps - pl_drawpu Release

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Mirrored Maps - pl_drawpu Release

Mirrored maps are back with the Summer 2016 72hr TF2Jam!

Mirrored Upward made just for the Summer 2016 72hr TF2Jam!

Updated version added - Ready for release on Steam Workshop

The current version should be complete.
Resolved some lighting issues and some props that were overlooked in RC1.
Added nav file.

Just looking for some testing here before adding it to the workshop.

Improvements made for RC1.
  • Resolved issue with the soundscape not loading.
  • Fixed placement of area portal near reds first spawn.
  • Removed redundant nodraw block from blue mid spawn.
  • Corrected the placement of a large number of props across the map.
  • Added mirrored props where required.
  • Corrected issues with corrupted occluders.
  • Restored correct overlay placement for all overlays across the map.
  • Adjusted func_nobuild under the spiral to prevent the sentry...
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Latest updates

  1. Updated to Workshop version

    It would appear the Workshop changes the timestamps and such. I couldn't access a server with the same file I had uploaded and had to copy in the one I downloaded from the workshop. Updating the download to avoid file mismatches if someone gets...
  2. Rrepacked release version

    Repacked the file with bsp_repak to reduce the size. Reduced from 77mb to 27mb. I'd appreciate it if some people would take the time to download and confirm if everything looks okay as there is custom content within the file.
  3. Updated for release to Steam Workshop

    This version should be 100% completed and ready for release. Can you guys perhpas check it over for me and see if you can find any glaring issues that I may have over looked..