Mirrored Maps - tc_ordyh b3

Hydro mirrored as accurately to the original as possible.

  1. Khuntza
    Team Fortress 2 maps mirrored as accurately as possible to their originals. Right becomes left, left becomes right, giving maps we know like the back of our hands a fresh take. It will mess with your head!

    Mirrored especially for the 2019 72Hour Summer Jam.

    This map contains several new mirrored props and assest. The Mirrored Maps Resouce Pack will be updated with these at a later date.


    1. 20190805182433_1.jpg
    2. 20190805182646_1.jpg
    3. 20190805182704_1.jpg
    4. 20190805182730_1.jpg
    5. 20190805182755_1.jpg
    6. 20190805182849_1.jpg
    7. 20190805182909_1.jpg
    8. 20190805183003_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. PootisGodAnimations
    Version: b3
    Well now the most confusing map on tf2 is more confusing. Love the brain twist!