Midnight rc2

Capture the Gallows to free up previously hanged spirits

  1. New version

    Updated to RC2. changes are as follows:

    - Moved cap 4 to bit more open area, rebuilt scenery around it
    - Continued detail pass and optimization process
    - Changed HHH spawn only once, not twice in the underworld
    - Removed Monoculus for now as an option at the underworld end boss
    - Improved clipping in the underworld and main world
    - Fixed control points platforms not being shown as RED on round start
    - Fixed typo in underworld text (Thanks Adenis!)
    - Fixed players from being able to stay underworld forever, if the boss is dead and escape is available
    - Fixed some wires from being affected by a wind, leaving static props in the air
    - Fixed other side of cliffs showing transparent on outside area of the map
    - Fixed missing texture
    - Updated nav file to reflect changes
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