Midnight rc2

Capture the Gallows to free up previously hanged spirits

  1. ics
    Midnight arises from the deep waters of underworld on friday the 13th!

    Capture The Gallows of Sorrow, Despair, Agony, Misery and Pain to free the hanged souls! Fetch some spells through well portals on midnight! Battle each others in the underworld, or against a common foe untill gates open...

    This project has been in the works behind the curtains for quite some time. We are very happy to finally show it to the public!

    We will continue to make it even more gloomy and while we do that, we want your feedback! So please take a look, share your ideas and report bugs! Good ideas that will fit to the map and that we will use, shall be rewarded.

    You can run this map by downloading it, place it to maps directory and then type to console: map cp_stranded_event_rc1

    You also can run this map by subscribing it at workshop and typing to console: map workshop/1861668959

    You can also join this server and play it live! Type in console: connect or search community servers running cp_stranded_event_rc1

    Original map designed by ICS
    Halloween version by ICS & Hakk1tus
    Custom Models by Hakk1tus


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