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CP Midnight rc2

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Jun 17, 2010
Midnight - Capture the Gallows to free up previously hanged spirits

Midnight arises from the deep waters of underworld on friday the 13th!

Capture The Gallows of Sorrow, Despair, Agony, Misery and Pain to free the hanged souls! Fetch some spells through well portals on midnight! Battle each others in the underworld, or against a common foe untill gates open...

This project has been in the works behind the curtains for quite some time. We are very happy to finally show it to the public!

We will continue to make it even more gloomy and while we do that, we want your feedback! So please take a look, share your ideas and report bugs! Good ideas that will fit to the map and that we will use, shall be rewarded.

You can run this map by downloading it, place it to maps directory and then type to console: map cp_stranded_event_rc1

You also can run this map by subscribing it at workshop and typing to console: map workshop/1861668959

You can also join this server and play it live! Type in console: connect or search community servers running cp_stranded_event_rc1

Original map designed by ICS
Halloween version by ICS & Hakk1tus
Custom Models by Hakk1tus


Doctorate in Deliciousness
Mar 31, 2012
Feedback Time:
-One of the main things I noticed while going through the map is that it's very obvious you converted a payload map to cp. The general layout and geometry still fit the idea of a payload cart going through it so I don't really get why you changed the game mode.

-These props clip into each other. There's gotta be a better way to put them together so that doesn't happen
20190913132526_1.jpg 20190913131942_1.jpg 20190913132526_1.jpg
-You use this same freakin' clock tower prop at least 3 times in the map and it really gets old. This thing gets spammed around halloween maps enough as it is PLUS it doesn't fit in with the rest of the surrounding detailing even a little bit
-Doesn't make sense to me to use the lava cobble stone here when there's no lava anywhere near it
-This banner is super out of place since there are no other manor props in the area
-This train is super shoe horned in. It doesn't make sense in the space it's in at all.
-either put some supports here for the door mechanism or use a door prop without one
-This fits the area it's in more than the out of place banner does since there's at least some manor themeing around it, BUT it's got the red team R on the pendulum which doesn't work for a blu spawn room
-That lost Continent vacation poster on the top of the building in the back is very out of place
-Another prop out of place. Shoot the Idiot makes no sense to be in this map, let alone here
-vines are fully black
-ANOTHER of the same clock tower prop
-This rope moves in the wind while the pumpkin doesn't. Just looks off
-Really like this waterfall. Pretty.
-blu barrels way off in the back fade out here
-railing that blocks bullets. Just make it a func_brush with collision off and put a clip brush on there
-This image is a great example of what I feel is the main issue with the map, the lack of real themeing. Right here, in the same place you have a Distillary, Red Bread grain mill, and the shoot the idiot carnival booth. The whole map has this issue where there's just stuff thrown around here and there without feeling like there's a clear meaning for it
-Here's another example. In the same building complex as the last stuff there's now old western town and mining themeing ON TOP of all the Halloween stuff. It just feels messy and unfocused.
-Clip these stairs smooth
-I feel like this empty oob space could use some detailing
-This point is kinda hidden for blu team. I can see many players easily walking past it without noticing it's there. Also, We're now in a lumber camp/sawmill and paper mill? What?
-Could use a patch under the pickups
-Cap point is tiny
-I like this much better than the after final cap bumper car race you did on a previous map but I don't think Monoculous is necessary for it
-Why is the Bombanomacon here? Nothing else in the map has had anything to do with it. Just because it's supposed to be a Halloween map, doesn't mean you need to add EVERY Halloween thing in it

That's it for now. I'd really suggest focusing on themeing and nail down What the place is supposed to really be. It feels very thrown together and messy in that way at the moment. I can't speak much to the gameplay but there's some interesting spaces and the only real issue I see is D being easily missed by Blu.

Jun 17, 2010
Thanks for the feedback! Its not often i see it around here. I ment to post earlier but i have been busy. While i was busy, i already fixed some of the things you reported at the workshop version that i posted yesterday there.

Few clarifications, there are 4 clocks on the map, but there is a reason for this that propably wasnt clear - they show the time untill the well portals to underworld open. I used this method on few other maps where there were coffins that opened, or doors that lit up and teleported people same way.

I also use some of the halloween assets because quite frankly, there isnt much of those available apart from what is already in the game. I should learn modeling and do some thing myself but thats a long term goal for me right now.

I'll see what direction i will take the map. Thanks again.

Jun 17, 2010
Updated to RC2. changes are as follows:

- Moved cap 4 to bit more open area, rebuilt scenery around it
- Continued detail pass and optimization process
- Changed HHH spawn only once, not twice in the underworld
- Removed Monoculus for now as an option at the underworld end boss
- Improved clipping in the underworld and main world
- Fixed control points platforms not being shown as RED on round start
- Fixed typo in underworld text (Thanks Adenis!)
- Fixed players from being able to stay underworld forever, if the boss is dead and escape is available
- Fixed some wires from being affected by a wind, leaving static props in the air
- Fixed other side of cliffs showing transparent on outside area of the map
- Fixed missing texture
- Updated nav file to reflect changes

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