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Mesaworks RC3

The large single-stage Payload map with a varied style and gameplay.

  1. Flower_Shop_Guy
    Welcome to the Eclipse!

    "Eclipse" - is a large single-stage Payload map with a varied style and gameplay, themes set in the industrial desert of the 20th century, consisting of 4 points.

    Red team has aquired a huge supply of electricity, becoming the leading source of nuclear and solar energy. Blue team's feeling a bit jealous... (well, mainly because they do not have such a cool POWER STATION!) so they decide the best course of action is to destroy everything. Red team must defend their power station at all cost, and they must do it quickly, because the eclipse is coming!

    (I do apologize for my bad English, as I've written before, it's not my native language)

    Alternative download links:
    Gamebanana: http://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/187522


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  1. Major update
  2. Reuploaded
  3. Second release candidate release

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: RC3
    Cool map, if over detailed to kill frames. I'm also never calling this Mesaworks, it's Eclipse to me.
  2. Anonymous
    Version: RC3
    From what I've seen, there isn't a lot of breathing space here. It looks a lot like Dustbowl in terms of map design, plus there are a lot of spots that should have doors and flankroutes. Namely, at the first point there's that raised platform with a metal barricade on the side, that should have an exit so there won't be too many people getting killed when being spawncamped. The bigger issue I see from the video preview is that there are way, way too many enclosed tunnels and narrow passageways that you must push the cart through, especially when needing to push underneath a barn. There's that weird zigzag area with tall rocks too, what's that all about? Despite not actually playing a round of the map, I can see that there are some glaring issues here.
  3. Anonymous
    Version: RC3
    corridors, so many corridors, all throughout the map, long and small, corridors for everyone!
  4. Comrade PaPa Bear
    Comrade PaPa Bear
    Version: B3
    Vary cool map. Details are really good.