Meltdown a6

A 5cp map at the edge of civilization

  1. Minor gameplay and optimization

    Small update adding more cover for both attackers and defenders
    -removed some health packs
    -optimized the level more
    -added more background scenery
  2. why it so cold??

    uhh ooooohhhhh!
    Snow fell since a4
    -added snow
    -expanded the flank on last
    -removed drop down
    -added new box onto second


    1. 20200702230050_1.jpg
    2. 20200702225949_1.jpg
    3. 20200702014821_1.jpg
  3. Wait??? why is da crane floatin

    -Added decals to signify direction
    -added new platform on last
    -Made the buildings more interesting
    -adjusted the angle of the sun
    -revamped choke on mid
    -edited respawn times to be more similar to maps like process and gullywash
    -added new platform to prevent fall damage and create more routes into last
    -Increased amount of cancer given by the 5G tower :|


    1. 20200702014821_1.jpg
    2. 20200702014811_1.jpg
    3. 20200702014753_1.jpg
    4. 20200702014727_1.jpg
  4. Visibility , Sight lines, Lobbies and more!

    -Lengthened Mid
    -Added new crates in mid
    -Rotated the Platform to be parallel with the point
    -lowered the walkway on choke
    -Completely revamped lobby
    -added new cover on the second point
    -removed the transparency on the dividers on second
    -added new packs
    -added bridges to allow more classes to climb
    -added new entrance from the dropdown
    -More high ground added for defenders on last
    - Adjusted height on last
    -Added more spy decloak spots
    -Edited the textures
    -Revamped the lighting

    This update's Changes:
    -More Cover on the second point
    -Made the scout trick jump on second much easier
    - Added a new Catwalk on the last point
    -Changed all textures to reflect light better
    - Added new props for a sense of direction
    -Fixed bug causing BLU players to get stuck in spawn 20200628225631_1.jpg


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    4. 20200628225702_1.jpg
    5. 20200628225640_1.jpg