5cp control points

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  1. thysponge55

    cp_bayou a5

    Hello again! I've been on a mapping break, but the return of Hammer++ and amazing content packs got my creativty-itch back and here we are with my next CP map: Bayou. This will be a swamp-themed 5cp map, taking place in an old Swampy-Water plant. Where the theme of the map is speed...
  2. Jakcie Chan

    cp_canyonforts a2

    A 5cp map featuring 2 forts and a small canyon encasing the two forts
  3. Obamid

    Meltdown a10

    Meltdown Takes place in a nuclear facility in the freezing north. The objective is to capture all 5 of the control points in order to launch a nuclear missile at the enemy teams HQ. Assets used Diva Dan's Ice pack https://tf2maps.net/downloads/diva-dans-ice-pack.5553/
  4. Sympathetic

    cp_toplar a4_2

    My first attempt at making a proper 5cp map, and an exploration of the farm theme. The look of the theme will be inspired more by architecture and environment in my own homeland. Gameplay-wise I'm going more towards classic tf2 maps, but with open areas to spare. Current version: alpha2

    cp_vindictive a2

    My first (real) attempt at making a good 5cp map. Im not too sure on a theme or artstyle currently, just trying to make a good map. Please leave feedback here or anywhere where I can see it. Thanks :)
  6. Squidward... no wait

    Train Chain a5

    This is my first map I've uploaded. Please play and leave advice. This map takes place at the shore of a jungle, in a warehouse of trains. Whichever team takes control of the warehouse will take control of the other teams train line, which leads to their home base. Note that this map is barley...