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  1. Ismaciodismorphus

    Rock4 a2

    He hungers
  2. Obamid

    Meltdown a10

    Meltdown Takes place in a nuclear facility in the freezing north. The objective is to capture all 5 of the control points in order to launch a nuclear missile at the enemy teams HQ. Assets used Diva Dan's Ice pack
  3. Da Living Bagel

    CP_Trinity finished

    This is the final dev version of Trinity (unless I get feedback on the layout...), soon I will move onto the detailing phase. Edit: Recompiled with CompilePal so hopefully it won't be a sore on the TF2maps server...
  4. ProfHappycat

    nuketown particles 2017-08-02

    a small pack of particles that are modified versions of doomsday's explosion particles includes: -nuketown_dooms_nuke_collumn - a version of dooms_nuke_collumn that has a lifetime of 11 seconds -nuketown_dooms_nuke_ring - a version of dooms_nuke_ring that has a lifetime of 11 seconds...
  5. ProfHappycat

    How do I instantly get rid of trailing particles?

    i can't seem to get rid of these particles that linger for 2-3 seconds after the finale of my map happens, anyone know how to get rid of them when the next round starts?
  6. Cynder loves Portal

    nuke effect

    @UEAKCrash, how did you white out the screen for your mega train impact?? I was wondering because my maps use an nuke and I was wondering how do I white out the screen.
  7. Cynder loves Portal

    tr_towers a2.3

    This is just a playground for bucking around and earning achievements. Beware, Red owns the nuke bunker and the security tower. The security tower is heavily guarded by turrets. Note: I used mods in the screenshots. Bunker: Surface: I have hidden some Easter eggs... Can you find them??
  8. Cynder loves Portal

    KOTH_sentry_city A2.2

    Who ever controls the control point... controls the tactical nuke controls!
  9. Cynder loves Portal


    how I go about making a falling prop from the sky and exploding like a nuke? Also I would like to put a countdown with an klaxon sounding on the wall before the prop drops. How would I go about doing this?