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Meatside a3b




Emil - Help with exporting custom models
FloofCollie - Whole bunch of custom props and skybox stuff
Idolon - Torch tendrils
Floaty - Custom pickups and logic
Lo-fi - Instigating this horrid experience
Pdan - Dynamic eye models
Squishy - Propper help / custom props
Lo-fi Longcat
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Grant Us Eyes, That We May See

    Small preliminary test before I make bigger sweeping changes to check with a wider sample size if they can see the Fixed eye models. Thanks for your help with fixing them leezo!
  2. Lots of fixes and goodenings

    Changelog: Made the metal props at the full health into meatbrick Make the metal sheets at mid into muscle Turned the chickenwire containing the meatcubes into muscle Unfucked the mouth displacement models at the cave exits Made sure there are...
  3. meat

    meat meat

Latest reviews

This map is disgusting.

3/10 because the effort put into it is that insane but lord I don't want to play this.
Squishy, slimy, and grotesque.

I love it.
Something that can give me nightmares can still be awesome
meat me up
meat me up inside
can't meat up
meat me up inside
meat me
call my name and save me from the meat
Can't wait for Meatside Pro
visionary, a true testament to how far tf2 mapping has come over the years