Sinewycoast a1

A disgusting fleshy hellscape re-imagining of Snowycoast

  1. Lo-fi Longcat
    I'm pleased to finally be able to show what myself and @FloofCollie have been diligently working on for april fools! I present to you: Sinewycoast!

    Being the second in my series of Horrible Godawful Meat Hellscape versions of existing maps this map takes on good old snowcoast and turns it into a disgusting fleshy mess!

    Hope you enjoy!

    Credits list:

    @EArkham - Original creator of Snowycoast
    @Emil_Rusboi - Misc model help
    @FloofCollie - Co-Creator
    @iiboharz - Misc model help
    @leeztoi - Custom pickups and logic stuff
    @Lo-fi Longcat - Co-Creator
    @pont - Misc model help
    @DrSquishy - Propper help
    @Gangrene - Misc Assets
    @Pdan4 - Misc Assets

    Sinewycoast1.png Sinewycoast2.png Sinewycoast3.png Sinewycoast4.png