Maze Co. A666

The map we don't talk about...

  1. SmallBiscuit
    I honestly regret making this map so much... It is also one of my most downloaded maps, meaning my most played map... AND I WEAR THAT TITLE LIKE A FUCKING BADGE!!! I WILL NOT DELETE THIS DOWNLOAD!!!!

    Okay... I honestly don't know why I made this map...
    I had an Idea, was tired, and just got back from 4 different tests... 3 hours later and I have this on my computer...

    Special thanks:
    @AlexCookie for the custom Maze Co. sign

    Gimmicks currently in:
    Clock doors
    The floor IS lava!
    Pumpkin bombs
    Psssh! What's Gravity?
    Why did we electrify the doors?

    Gimmicks to add:
    Pumpkin Bombs!
    everyone in one room...
    Its watching me...
    Laser hellfire
    Bye bye gravity!
    Supersize me!
    Minisize me!
    Dont go through the doors...

    Notes of stuff to add:
    Raise skybox
    Maybe think about adding 8 more rooms?
    Add some custom Maze Co. signs...
    Rename file from "maze" to "maze_co"
    Remove the screenshot revealing the lava gimmick in a future update

    koth_maze_co_a50000.jpg koth_maze_co_a50001.jpg koth_maze_co_a50003.jpg