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Multi Stage Crystalline A2

Did I spell Crystalline right? Yes... Yes I did...

  1. SmallBiscuit
    Originally made for the 72hr contest!

    This is a map centralized around the underground, and adventures you can have down there!

    known problems:
    Stage 3 sucks (will remake)
    Lighting is too bland (Will remake)
    SIGHTLINES!!! (How the fuck ca I fix these???)
    pl_crystalline_a20000.jpg pl_crystalline_a20001.jpg pl_crystalline_a20002.jpg pl_crystalline_a20003.jpg pl_crystalline_a20004.jpg pl_crystalline_a20005.jpg pl_crystalline_a20006.jpg pl_crystalline_a20007.jpg pl_crystalline_a20008.jpg pl_crystalline_a20009.jpg pl_crystalline_a20010.jpg