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72hr Crystalline 72 A666

Did I spell Crystalline right? Yes... Yes I did...

  1. SmallBiscuit
    known problems:
    stage 1:
    -Sightlines are insane
    -one of reds spawn doors only works periodically

    stage 2:
    -the death pit isnt big enough in some areas to kill players

    stage 3:
    -no health and ammo
    -couldnt properly set up a secon control point, so youll have to deal with this... sorry not sorry...

    entire map:
    -lighting is terrible
    -clipping is non-existent
    -very blocky
    pl_crystalline_a6660005.jpg pl_crystalline_a6660006.jpg pl_crystalline_a6660007.jpg pl_crystalline_a6660008.jpg pl_crystalline_a6660009.jpg pl_crystalline_a6660010.jpg pl_crystalline_a6660011.jpg pl_crystalline_a6660012.jpg pl_crystalline_a6660013.jpg pl_crystalline_a6660014.jpg pl_crystalline_a6660015.jpg pl_crystalline_a6660016.jpg

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  1. why is it alpha 666?